Motivational workshops

We help you to find motivation within yourself through various methods and games.

We help you to see what really matters. Everything else will come naturally.

Do you have a problem? Are the people apathetic? Does the problem seem insoluble? Are the challenges too great to cope with?

Nikrmana, as you know, is an “ancient force that takes care of the world’s order”. We challenge. We moderate events. We facilitate. We stimulate ideas. We brainstorm.We set up “art cafés”. We present, draw, write, edit, put pieces together and take them apart again until every piece of the puzzle falls into place.

We form teams and find roles. Is your personality purple or yellow? Are you diligent or self-confident? When you know who you are, you find solutions – a motivation, an idea, a product, a service, or simply a right attitude. You become more efficient and more successful. You challenge stereotypes. You become what you really are. You become self-motivated.
It is truly possible. Click here to find out more about the workflow of our workshops.

Have a look at the photos from the workshop at the 9th Slovenian Economic Summit (2014) where we chaired one of the panels. You can also have a look at Job Café, where we help young people to find their way in the business world.

Want to find out more? Write us an e-mail or call us (+386 40 808 999).