Giving lectures

Natalie C. Postružnik, M.A., is a three-time winner of the Best Lecturer Award, which is voted for by students only.

What you are passionate about is what you do best. I love to share my practical knowledge with others and put it into practice again, especially with all those who never stop asking, constantly want to learn more, are interested in everything and question everything. Prove it! Nikrmana, as you know, is an “ancient force that takes care of the world’s order”. It does not talk. Why, how, to whom, when. It has been eight years since I started working as a lecturer at the faculty DOBA. I am a three-time winner of the Best Lecturer Award, which is voted for by students only, and I am delighted about it. Besides, I am proud to be lecturer at a faculty in Macedonia, my beloved, sunny land. Since I started my own company, I have travelled and given speeches, lectures and presentations in many countries, for example in the UK, Latvia, Belgium, France, India, Croatia, Macedonia etc.

My lectures are based on my beliefs and experience; on what I have seen and experienced; on theory (my master’s thesis was not bought, copied or plagiarised; my doctoral thesis is still in the making – because I’m demanding and because it’s demanding) and on more than 20 years of practical experience. I give lectures about talents – (Include.all), communication, and energy management. Some also call it motivation or enthusiasm.

It is truly possible to acquire applicable knowledge. It is up to the lecturer. Click here to find out more about one of our round-table discussions at the faculty DOBA.

Have a look at the photos from the the Slovenian Conference on Public Relations (2014) where I gave lecture about overlooked talents. You can also take a look at theInternational Conference on Gender Equality (2014) which took place in Latvia and where I presented the 6-step-model.

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