Event management

We evoke feelings. We create atmosphere. We achieve goals.

Rituals and events in the context of the phrase “bread and circuses” have been present long before the invention of mass media and internet. Events have always been been the most important media of mass communication. Due to their spectacular nature, events have a powerful effect on our emotions and attitude. Rapid development of industry and, consequently, of consumer society after the Second World War has resulted in traditional mass marketing that favoured advertising. However, global economic and social trends are changing rapidly. Traditional advertising in mass media has become expensive and ineffective. It results in a confusing number of messages which are not goal-oriented. Increased global competitiveness has resulted in ever-increasing demands for lower costs. Because of reduction of marketing budgets, organisations are looking for new and better communication channels.

This is something we are really good at. We do it differently. Our events are relaxed and filled with energy. When describing them, people often use the word “unique”. Nikrmana, as you know, is an “ancient force that takes care of the world’s order”.

We organise events for you – differently. Click on the following links to find out more about the events Beauty and the Beast and Gluten Free World Day.

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