Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want? How do I get it? With measurable outcomes!

Coaching helps you to find your own truth, determine your goals and find a way to reach them. Nikrmana, as you know, is an “ancient force that takes care of the world’s order”. You can choose between …

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First, we find out what you really want. How? We search for tools and find a way. We constantly ask. We stop and stumble on our way. We inspect, examine, and keep going even when it’s hard. We can work in pairs or in groups. We try to figure out where the problems lie and how to overcome them. We teach you how to step out of the box. Our work is measurable and efficient. We write down, sign, measure, examine, and review.

It is not easy, but it helps you to unlock your potential. Do you find this hard to believe? That’s all right. The efficiency of coaching is measurable.

Here are several quotes from the paper written by Natalie C. Postružnik, MSc (Nikrmana), who gave lecture at the 34th International Conference on Organizational Science Development (2015):

  • Participants report that they have »very successfully” or “extremely successfully” reached 73 % of their goals. According to business owners, participants have »very successfully” or “extremely successful reached 54 % of their goals, whereas they “efficiently” reached 85 % of their goals« (McGovern et al., 2001).
  • Interviewed participants were very pleased with coaching: 86 % of them described coaching as “very efficient”; 95 % of them have stepped out of the box and changed some of their habits as a result of coaching; 95 % of them would recommend coaching to their colleagues (Parker-Wilkins 2006).
  • Up to 93.8 % of interviewed participants confirmed that coaching helped them to change their habits and behaviour (Genger 1997).
  • 77 % of them confirmed that coaching has “considerably” or “greatly” affected at least one of the nine business measures.

For more information, read the the paper on coaching, which was presented at the 34th International Conference on Organizational Science Development in March 2015 (pdf), or click the following links:

  • Benefits of using a coach (pdf
  • High Return on Investment and Satisfaction Rate – International Coach Federation (pdf
  • Coaching effectiveness, Manchester Business School (pdf

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