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Knowledge transfer


Raising awareness





Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want? How do I get it? With measurable outcomes! (more…)

Public speaking training

Stage fright. Fear. My brain freezes. I can’t do this. This is not for me. (more…)

Motivational workshops

We help you to find motivation within yourself through various methods and games. (more…)


A moderator creates the atmosphere of an event and makes it memorable. Choose the right one. (more…)

Giving lectures

Natalie C. Postružnik, M.A., is a three-time winner of the Best Lecturer Award, which is voted for by students only. (more…)

Event management

We evoke feelings. We create atmosphere. We achieve goals. (more…)


We contribute to society and human well-being.  (more…)


About Natalie:


Certified coach, married mother of three beautiful daughters, motivator, facilitator, speaker, teacher. 

I combine knowledge in the field of computer science, journalism, management, leadership, communication, linguistics and marketing. I try to be responsible to my self, my family, my business partners and the society as a whole. 

I do, what I truly believe in. People are living beings of four different dimensions, that is why we need to be physicly healthy, emotionaly happy, our ratio focused, while at the same time we have to be aware of our mission in a spiritual way. And this is what I really enjoy to do – how to develop and endorse potentials in individuals, teams, organizations. Connect with me and ask me more. I help gladly.

About Nives:


I’m eternal traveler and explorer of far away and not so faraway places. I observe the nature of people, characters, behaviors, habits. I listen to languages, dialects, body language and eye contacts.

Starting in tourism I later decided for ethnology and cultural anthropology and journalism. I feel deep respect for knowledge, to thinking with your own head, following intuition. With joy and enthusiasem I share my knowledge and discoveries to those who whish it: on public speaking trainings, on talent search and inner power workshops, by mentoring youngsters.

Traveling through life is a great gift and a big privilege. A mentor, a teacher, an adviser alongside  is a welcome help.

About Irena:


I hold a BSc in economics. I have a long-time experience in project management with the emphasis on identification and management of value drivers in a company.

I firmly believe that people, with their mental and physical abilities, are the most important economic factor. Employees will only work enthusiastically and efficiently if a company trusts them as well as appropriately motivates, trains and leads them.

I regularly run, cycle, play tennis, hike and, in winter, go cross-country skiing. For me, sport is an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. It helps me to keep the balance between my professional career and personal life. Besides, I regularly go to the theatre and music concerts.

About Biserka:


My experiences have been many years accumulated in the economy, in sales to customers in foreign markets. Excellent product will be really great when you know how to market it; when you know to impress and persuade the other side; when you are able to discover even the most hidden needs that are the key to the customer’s success and at the end the key to the growth of own business.

People are very different creatures. People in the Arab world otherwise feel the meaning of time and accuracy, the Iranians given word is as a “gentlemen’s agreement”. We sincerely respect those differences and understand that business is in the first place solving the customer’s “problem” that can through many stages of cooperation lead to our own success.

I’m a passionate lover of nature and mountains with more than 100,000 mountain mileage. Mountains have taught me about perseverance, patience, dedication



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